Personal Stories

You’re likely to get a lot of information, guidance and support from your healthcare team. But sometimes we need to hear first-hand from people who are going through the same experience as us. Watch these tube feeding testimonials from patients, carers and parents who share their own experiences with tube feeding, and draw inspiration from their personal stories.

Geordie's Story

After about 3 or 4 months... he started to grow stronger.     

Keith, caring for his foster son


A Family's Experience Of Home Care

It gives you that security because when your child is gastrostomy fed and relying on this food, it is a lifeline for them.  

The Smallman family, looking after their daughter


Dom's story

He tolerated it very well, So we kept doing it and tried to increase the feed gradually.     
Julie, caring for her son


Tina's story

You will just sit down, this is your personal time and that's when you have your feed. It doesn't take over your life.     

Tina, living with tube feeding

Megan's story

In June 2019 I had my first NJ tube and in October 2020 I finally had surgery to have a jejunostomy tube inserted.

Megan, living with tube feeding

old couple

Michael and Margaret's story

Being Margaret's carer has left me stronger and more determined. Show them you are strong and they get stronger.     

Michael, caring for his wife

old couple

Daphne's story

You're speaking to somebody as if they're in the same room... it gives you confidence.    

Ian, caring for his wife


Pat's story

Feeding using the PEG tube is no bother. It's an absolute godsend and I'd not be without it     

Pat, living with tube feeding

kid with tube feeding

Frankie's story

It has been his main source of food and fluid for him to grow up and keep on growing.     

Cath, caring for her son

little boy

Charlie's story

My biggest advice to someone who has just been told they need tube feeding is to not be afraid and to listen to what people tell you.     

Sheryl, Charlie's mum

girl tube feeding

Peaches' story

My hope for Peaches is to prolong her life and quality of life, she was never expected to reach her twenties and we do our utmost to prolong and enhance her life, through medications, physiotherapy, etc.     

Sharon, Peaches mum

old couple

Helen's story

Although accommodating a tube can be daunting and the fact that you can’t eat anymore can be tough, at the end of the day you will be grateful for the fact that it keeps you alive.     

Helen, living with tube feeding

old couple

Rita and Albert's story

Physically you feel stronger, you can deal with things better. You can handle things better physically and mentally.     

Rita, caring for her husband

old women

Lisa's story

Fully understanding the reason why you’re going on tube feeding and the implications of this are really important in helping you cope and calm your nerves during this period.     

Lisa, living with tube feeding

A person in an orange shirt

Gary's story-part 1

I still work. I still play football, and I ran the London Marathon.    

Gary, living with tube feeding

man with tube

Gary's story-part 2

I couldn’t believe we had done 70 miles in 23 hours even if the last 26 miles had been walking and limping.     

Gary, living with tube feeding

A person and person holding hands

Homeward service animation

A short animated video showing the Homeward Service     

Nutricia Homeward

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